Felix Koopa


Through the wonders of Twitter, I get messages from young bands, domestic and international. Guitarist and vocalist Maverick Boudreaux slipped me a DM, and the rest is history. May I present Felix Koopa, of New Orleans.

This band so young, they have precious little online about them. According to Maverick, “We’re a voodoo band from New Orleans! Dark magic is our game!” that got started in 2016.  Along with Maverick Boudreaux (vox), the band consists of Brandon Lagarde (guitar), Tyler Blanchard (guitar), Patrick Bergeron (bass), and Brad Hebert (drums). The band’s first EP, ‘Habitue’, released in October, 2017. Felix Koopa are releasing a five song, second EP in a few weeks.


With the three songs on the EP, I was hooked on Felix Koopa. You can hear the very fabric of New Orlean’s Zydeco music in the rhythms. Unlike Zydeco, they have edgier, crunchy melodies. The three songs, “Habitue”, “Awrah”, and “Larrikin Love” have sultry, sexy lyrics and vocals delivered smoothly by Maverick. My favorite song on the EP, “Awrah” will practically steam up your glasses. This band has the galactic potential to stand shoulder to shoulder with my favorite Zydeco band, The Radiators . ‘Habitue’ is available to stream on most music streaming and buying sites. The band has no plans to tour in the near future, but will be in the Aquarius and Chronos Parade for  Mardi Gras.




3 thoughts on “Felix Koopa”

  1. Good sound. I hear from bands too, sometimes from their publicists. Some of those tunes make their way to my New Music Revues. Some of it is crap that, well, i don’t even know why they send it to me. Not bad songs per se but Top 40 stuff that neither I nor anyone who reads my blog would have a passing interest in.


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