Western Jaguar


British Columbia and their music scene have found a grateful home on Jealous Sounds. Hawking and Massive Scar Era are both regional B.C. bands, and the quality music keeps going with Western Jaguar.

Western Jaguar is Jeffrey Trainor (Vocals and Guitars), Kier-Christer Junos (Guitars, Piano and Vocal), Brent Webb (Bass, Piano and Vocals), Ryan Domingo (Bass and Vocals) and AJ Buckley (Drums and Vocal). They currently have a 3 EP discography:
1)’Glacia‘, 2013 a home recorded EP thats dark and drenched in moodiness.
2) ‘Wayfarer‘, 2015 studio EP is multi layered and less dark.
3) ‘Memorial‘, 2017 the most recent 6 song EP

“Memorial” This EP is a case of musical hide and seek. The songs are up tempo, with guitars that has a floaty effortless sound. Underneath, the
songs carry an emotional gut punch. Jeffrey’s vocals have a heart breaking intensity. The first track, “Banquet Hall Love Story” boy meets girl, and girl saves boy. Cheerful guitar and faster pace lures you into a more serious, meaningful story.
“But with her, and her steady hands
He has a chance, to stop the grieving.”
“The Grand Parade” Minor chords and quick tempo leads you to the tale of an abandoned child, and the lifetime of chaos in its wake.
” I can’t even describe the way it feels
To be left behind, and spin my wheels”
“Lake Placid” Love hardly runs smoothly, and this song takes it to a dark place.
“We’re all just dying out in an afterglow, an afterglow”
“Voyager” “Violet Sweatshirt” “Blackfoot” all follow in the same vein as the first works, they’re introspective and moody, but with an endearingly breeziness that misleads you.

All three of Western Jaguar’s EPs can be found on online music sites and streaming services.
They currently have tour dates in Canada only

Main site


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