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Twitter is the best place for musicians to network. I can get up to four messages a day from random musicians, mostly bot driven, promoting their music. Most are sent by a band or their management team, but sometimes, do-it-youreslf means just that.
For example:
“Hi! I just released this awesome song. Could I possibly get you to write about it on your blog?”
This message, from Liam B. Smith, luckily for me was a home run, from a guy who does it all on his own, but has the talent to deserve better.

This ridiculously talented 20 year old is a man of many artistic gifts, being both a musician and writer. He’s his own management, producer, and recording crew. His only days-ago released single “Morning Glory” follows up a three song EP “Confessions”, released in February 2017. If you think music that’s home recorded should sound rough edged, in this case you’d be sadly mistaken.

“Confessions” his first EP, is short but excellent. The first track, “NOMANSWAR” is a complex mix of guitar and drums, channeling a bit of Foo Fighters. “Drift” is a crunchy mix about giving up on everything. “Crowdfunding” is a delightfully hard driving, blues and Southern Rock flavored cut. The lyrics speak about the perils many indie bands deal with today, seeking outside money to get their work heard, sans record label. I asked Liam if any of his work had been crowdfunded,
“Au contraire. I believe that crowdfunding is a good idea when it comes to charity or maybe even business startups, but I think it’s an intolerably bad idea when it comes to art. The song “Crowdfunding” is about my distain for all these so-called “artists” who rely on the goodwill and charity of their friends, family, and—worst of all—their fans to make their next album instead of actually putting in the work. Go play a few shows and make tips. Or, if you really believe in your music, take out a loan. If you’re really good enough to deserve the $5k you’re asking from Aunt Sal and your girlfriend’s mom, you can take the risk yourself and make it back from album sales. Don’t want to do that? Then why should I believe in your music if you Don’t?”

The current single, “Morning Glory” is the perfect starter song for anyone new to Liam’s work. The songwriting is superb, with lyrics and harmonies about love that can move you to tears (It did me). Admittedly, this is Liam’s favorite work to date.
“Definitely Morning Glory is the best. However, I consider it appropriate to conclude this interview with the following quote from Lil’ Wayne: “You’re looking at the best and yet the best is yet to come.”’

Currently, Liam is only playing a few small bars in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Both “Morning Glory” and “Confessions” can be found on Bandcamp.

Liam B. Smith website




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