So much for the idea that Trump’s reign will produce great art. Now, with the Republican controlled Congress trying to nuke Obamacare, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and other government programs, artists who have an already hard road financially, will have it made even tougher. Thank all that’s Holy there’s people stepping up to fill in the void. One of our favorites here at Jealous Sounds is BandAidRx.

The last time I featured BandAidRx here was October 5, 2016, when their website went live. All it takes is one illness to monetarily demolish a band or other artist. This company was founded for artists who need all facets of health insurance that wouldn’t break them financially. BandAidRx is easy to use, affordable, and has a buffet of fabulous benefits. Their plans range from basic health insurance to vision, dental, and even pet insurance. Paraphrased from the BandAidRx blog, there are no health restrictions, it can be used immediately when you receive your card, and used as much as you need. BandAidRx has also teamed up with the Pabst Blue Ribbon Music Society to offer a 1 year paid insurance to a musician, band, or artist that have suffered a major career setback and can’t afford the premium otherwise.  I couldn’t recommend BandAidRx more for the creative community. It’s a smart and affordable investment for the artist.
For more info:

BandAidRx blog

PBR and BandAidRx main website



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