Bishop Briggs


Johnny Stevens is a huge influence on this blog, for anyone who’s paying attention. A few weeks ago, Johnny tweeted this:


He’s never led me astray before, and as usual, his suggestion was sublime. I’d like to welcome to the blog Bishop Briggs.

The former Sarah Grace McLaughlin, first popped up on the scene in Los Angeles in 2015, playing whatever venue would have her. She captured the attention of Island Records in 2016, releasing the vinyl only ‘Bishop Briggs’. This past April, she released ‘Bishop Briggs EP’ by digital download only, including unreleased songs, “Dark Side” and “The Fire”. Bishop Briggs hit the big time running in 2017, playing at Coachella. Briggs’ song “Mercy” landed on the soundtrack of “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”. The Cold War Kids’ also featured her on the song “So Tied Up”. Right now, the sky’s the limit for Briggs.

Bishop Briggs talent knows no bounds. Her vocals delve from the smoky smoothness of blues, then rises to a religious ferver. Bishop’s voice has a funky quality unheard in Adele’s vocals, but with way more depth in it. She can deliver a whisper with the power a of a freight train. Her magical talent also extends to her piano skills.

Her song “River” is her most popular song so far. Atmospheric and moody, she sings about love at its darkest.

With “The Fire” she sings about a brighter, obsessive love with a gospel feel. “Dark Side” is floaty and angelic with a seam of ferver.
“Dead Mans Arms” with its clap rhythm and organ sounds orchestrate a story of a lover gone wrong. “Wild Horses” is a song about holding on too tightly, with her vocals evoking a little girl’s breathlessness.

Lastly, “The Way I Do” is a powerful lament to unrequited love. This powerful song spoke to me, and I consider it my fave on the EP.

Bishop Briggs is currently touring the U.S. and abroad at least through September. ‘Bishop Briggs EP’ can be heard on all streaming and online music sites.


5 thoughts on “Bishop Briggs”

  1. I saw Bishop at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena last August when she opened for Coldplay. I included “River” on my weekly top 20 for over two months, and she was gracious to always like my tweets about it (when I included her in them).


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