Cold Revive


I’m a huge horror fan, but of REAL horror, the kind that give you chills but doesn’t make you upchuck your lunch. Rock music’s tried to mate with horror in a lurching, sewn together sort of way for years, but nothing new or fresh’s hit this cross genre in years, until recently. My direct message feed on Twitter served up a delightful new entry to Horror rock, Cold Revive.

Brent Stevens (vocals), Jason Fischer (guitar), found each other on Craigslist (not in the adult section) looking for fellow musicians to jam with. 2016 found Gentky Vang (guitar) and Chase Hagerman (drums) joining in to form the current Cold Revive. They’ve recorded just three songs, ” Sik’ Hellish Us”, “Diary” and their latest, “Twisted Fright”. I asked Brent Stevens how the new single fit into the bands overall plans,

” ‘Twisted Fright’ is being shopped around in the movie industry as a musical piece for some major and independent Hollywood Horror films. Some of the finest movie producers and directors have received direct access to hearing ‘Twisted Fright” first hand. The single’s also being shopped to several Fright Festivals for potential inclusion.”

One thing the crew in Cold Revive accomplishes is not taking themselves too seriously. Sure, their singles are concerned with exploring the darker aspects. “Sik’ Hellish Us” deals with the ugly side of relationships gone wrong with a chilling intensity. “Diary” is even darker, exploring the aftermath of a lover’s suicide. The melody and instrumentation amplifies the tone with a raw emotional impact. “Twisted Fright” with it’s carnival themes,
could be straight out of ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’, or Steven King’s  ‘Creep Show’. It has a creepy tension all through the song. They have a mix of musical influences one can hear, from punk to 70’s Alice Cooper, but they make the music definitively their own. The key thing is, they are having a good time with the music. Their enthusiasm is infectious. This attitude draws the listener in, unlike some horror rock bands in the business currently. Cold Revive is young and hungry, and I expect some huge things from them in the future.

Cold Revive’s next single, “Cold Dark Coma” is due out in the next few months. Their music can be found at all streaming and music websites. There’s no upcoming tour dates listed.






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