Troubling PWR BTTM News


Today, several sexual assault allegations were leveled at PWR BTTM’s guitarist, Ben Hopkins. The fallout from the allegations have led to  two members of their touring band quitting. Salty Management has ceased representing them, and all the opening acts on the upcoming tour have removed themselves. Lastly, the debut party for their new album release, set for tonight in Brooklyn, was cancelled. Tompkins and drummer Liv Bruce have, of course, denied the charges (Thanks to Pitchfork for the info)

First off, sexual assault allegations should always be taken seriously. These aren’t the only accusations floating around,  just the most specific. Just as importantly, in our country we also have innocent until proven guilty. Ben’s not been arrested or charged with any crime as of this article going up. I’ve decided that all the PWR BTTM material, until something more substantial has come out about these allegations, will stay up on Jealous Sounds. I’m not a judge or jury. Stay tuned for more info as comes out.


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