Concert Report: Twist and Leggy, Louisville, KY



Kaiju is a itty bitty place in the barville area of Louisville, and it’s a charming and fab venue for small bands. I came out to see Leggy and Twist on a stopover from their mini tour heading to SXSW. This is the best way to see the smaller bands, with smaller crowds, in a corner with a drink and good view. It’s indie at it’s finest. At this stage, they’re traveling and playing with friends, in a small van with the bands being their own merch/ roadies. They may dream of bigger fame, but many bigger bands would stay this was the better stage of their career, looking back.


The show started out with Twist, a 4 piece out of Toronto, Canada that’s incredible! The 45 minutes set weaved a good natured punk/ indie mix that was at the same time edgy and imminently listenable. Their laid back, relaxed approach let their music flow. Twist’s play list came from their current EP ‘Spectral’, with a few new songs coming from a new album, due in the fall. Laura Hermiston (guitar, vocals) Matt Buckberrough (guitar) Patrick Grant (bass) and Sara Fegelman (drums) sounded fabulous, and I look forward to reviewing their new material.


Leggy took the stage at 11:30. They are an intriguing contrast to their tour mates Twist, all rough edged to the former’s indier vibe. Veronique Allaer’s voice has the force of a pink satin hammer, at once sweet and bombastic. Kirstin Bladh (bass) and Chris Campbell (drums) kept the rhythm crunchy, meshing perfectly with Veronique’s guitar. Their sets are always an adventure, comprising of favourites from previous EPs, a new song “Taffy”, and an unrehearsed song in middle of the set. Their songwriting is rock solid, and nothing is more punk than a song about catching your mom and a friend sleeping together. All together a thoroughly satisfying show.

Both bands are touring together, ending up at SXSW. Do yourselves a favor and catch their shows, you won’t be sorry.


Twist official site

Twist YouTube page

Leggy Facebook page

Leggy YouTube page

Kaiju Louisville



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