Narco Reus ‘Martin Tyler Music’


Hip hop is a mystical world that I just peer in on. No joke, I’m just a white girl on the outside looking in. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the work. The themes of hip hop aren’t what I’m reviewing. It’s not just about the music alone, it’s about the production. It’s common for producers to tinker with other artist’s mixes.

Narco Reus  ‘Martin Tyler Music’

Narco Reus is a producer out of Greensboro, North Carolina who does his own creative mix of other artist music. He takes the shell of a song and adds unique rhythms, the backbone of any song. The compilation ‘Martin Tyler Music’ Takes 12 tracks by established hip hop artists and adds a new beat. What I heard was a cleaner, edgier sound than the originals. Many hip hop remixes I’ve heard ramp up the bass and drums for dance. Narco keeps it clean but tasty. The rhythm of the lyrics shine through without unnecessary clutter. That being said, the sound still retains complexity. This isn’t kindergarten sound, just cleaner, and to my ear, edgier. However, as I’ve said, in no expert. This one you truly have to judge for yourself.



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