Empty Trail


Austin TX is one of the Indie Valhallas of the U.S. The music scene there is as vital now as it’s been in 35 years, and the variety of genres there blow my mind. Recently I had a band DM me across Twitter (the biggest source of new music for me besides word of mouth) from Austin. Once again, luck finds me. May I present Empty Trail.

First, the facts: Empty Trail founded itself in Los Angeles in 2013 with Rick Lambert (Vocals/guitar) being it’s lone member. Rick did all the heavy lifting on the first EP, “Obscured”, in 2014, writing AND playing all instruments. He released “Hollow Hearted” mid December 2014, after a move to Austin. The latest work, “Bare” is the first full 12 track LP that Rick’s recorded with additional band members Shane Wallin (Bass Guitar) and Rom Gov (Drums).

If you stream Empty Trail for something mindless, you’re in for a surprise. There’s an intellectual strength to their music. Rick’s lyrics and arrangements are complex. Shane and Rom’s finely woven rhythms twine through the music . This is not to say Empty Trail can’t deliver the rock, quite the contrary. Songs like “Only One” and “Swim” has the crunch of Rick’s guitar to support the music. Vocally, Rick has a smooth delivery without a metalcore shriek. It’s a satisfying mix for those rock fans who enjoy their indie a bit more thoughtful.

Empty Trail’s album “Bare” is available on all streaming and online music stores. They currently tour close to home throughout Texas.




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