Katie Goodman “Halfway Closer To Dead”


The Twitter beast popped up an intriguing direct message. Katie Goodman asked if I wanted to review her new album “Halfway Closer to Dead” pre-release. She mentioned that she’d just been on John Fugelsang’s show that week. Yes, that Katie Goodman, the co-founder of Broad Comedy. This incredibly gifted comedienne asked me to review her new album on my modest little website. Part of me went SQUEEEEEEE, the other part screamed in terror.

“Halfway Closer To Dead” is a 16 track compilation from Katie’s live act. The entire album is hysterical, and primarily aimed at women my age. It is filthy, profane, and glorious. Day to day social media and life nightmares are covered amazingly well in. ‘Ebola’. ‘Gimme A Man Over 40’, the title track ‘Halfway Closer To Dead’, and ‘My Midlife Crisis’ are at once both touching and zany. Astonished’ is a sweet and funny song for her partner of 24 years. Katie isn’t afraid to share the foibles of an older woman, in all its messy glory. Her son pops up several times in this. ‘Beef Jerky Kiosk Guy’ is story of meeting guy at airport playing guitar, and the lesson about stress she can teach her son. ‘Peeling A Little’ reminds all parents that kids can’t be trusted with secrets, big or small.

She doesn’t shy away from the current political fuckery. ‘Tahiti’ is short, but sweet anti Trump perfection. ‘We Moved Some Shit Around’ speaks of the sadness of the recent election, but with hope (courtesy of her son) for the future. ‘Fuck This Shit’ is Katie’s answer to over whelming current events, that I now love to sing to myself whilst on Twitter. ‘I Ain’t Funding That Shit’ is a synth rap about Republicans and their sheer evil. Cheerleady environmentalism with a tambourine and crowd participation is ‘It’s All Gonna Be Ok’. Katie goes after the political with a fiendish delight. ‘Boobs Look Funny While Having Sex’ is a rap about the rack and how to display the girls. Finally, the award for most blizzard track on the album goes to ‘Nazis Get All The Pussy’, a piano tribute to the weird shit we think about in a public restroom.

I found “Halfway Closer to Dead” a completely satisfying, raucous ride. Some of these songs seemed written about my life, and that is where Katie succeeds. Humor works best when it is relatable. So saddle up, grab your tambourine, and enjoy Katie Goodman’s “Halfway Closer to Dead”. The album is releasing Friday, February 3rd, on all streaming and online music retailers from Comedy Dynamics (http://www.comedydynamics.com)


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