And The Kids


In the early 90s , I discovered a glorious young band called the Sundays. They were ethereal, and their music rang like bells through my mind. To this day , I thought I would never hear their equal , until now. As I was researching PWR BTTM and Diet Cig, I came across another young band that rang the same bells in my mind. May I present And The Kids.

The facts: And The Kids doesn’t have much online info.What I do know us that they released their first album “Turn To Each Other” in February 2015. Their second album, ” Frends Share Lovers” released in June of 2016. For the rest, I’ll have NPR tell the story (Marissa Lorusso, songs-we-love-and-the-kids-friends-share-lovers)

“And The Kids’ music is rooted in [Hannah] Mohan’s longstanding personal and artistic ties with drummer Rebecca Lasaponaro. The two have been making music together since middle school; in 2011, the duo added Megan Miller on synthesizers and percussion. But over the past few years, Miller’s Canadian citizenship has led to visa troubles that forced her out of the United States. This complicated things for the band, which grew to include Taliana Katz on bass to help round out its live sound during Miller’s absences. As a testament to the members’ friendship — and a commitment to their musical bonds — the band decided to record ‘Friends Share Lovers’ in Montreal so that Miller could be included.”

As I listened to ‘Friends Share Lovers’, I was almost transported back to the days of listening to the Sundays, but ATK has so much more to offer. The songwriting speaks of a group of tightly knit musicians and friends and their shared experiences that at times crosses boundaries. Hannah Mohan has the same range of voice (as The Sunday’s), but her voice has an edge to the angelic. Mohan’s vocals have a childlike innocence with steel lining. The melodies played by Lasaponaro on drums and Miller on keyboards loop around each other, both highlighting their own play and unifying the songs. ATK’s music has a crunchy sound that brings the indie out of the pop sound.

All of And The Kids music may be found on all streaming and online music outlets, and I always recommend Band Camp. They’re getting ready to start a dream tour with friend of the blog Slothrust.



2 thoughts on “And The Kids”

  1. Sallie Ford once talked about And The Kids on her FaceBook. That’s how I discovered about them. Now, they are n°1 in my heart… Their music is so f***ing good and unique! I was considering traveling from Europe to the US just to attend one of their show when they announced an european tour last year (that was 2016). I went and it was all about magic! A small room for a big show! I could meet them and they are all so kind and nice! Now I cant wait for their next album!


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