Concert Review Part 3- The Struts


We really attended the Louisville show for The Holy White Hounds, but Zane wanted to stay for The Struts. I knew what to expect, and thought Zane needed his first crash course in Glam Rock. The Struts delivered the goods. The band came out onstage with lights, guitars and sequins at full gallop. My child’s eyes almost popped out of his head.



Now Zane had heard their music before, but just didn’t have a visual clue until that point. They rocked out songs from their entire first album Everybody Wants, including Zane’s favorite “Could Have Been Me”. Vocalist Luke Spiller was simply the complete Frontman, with costumes, makeup and showmanship. Guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies were no less delightful, including a mannequin challenge in the middle of a song. Later before encore, the announcer told the crowd to sign into the Wi-Fi @STRUTSLIVE, go to their website, and click a button.
It was a completely original game for the fans, and the winner got to hang with the band after the show. I was told pre show from others in the know that The Struts were the second coming of Sweet, and they weren’t wrong. Their tour continues with Holy White Hounds through the first of the year.

So my rocker kid had a pretty lit first concert. Now he’s wanting to go to other shows with me. I might have created a monster.





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