Concert Review Part 2 Holy White Hounds.


So, after Cemetery Sun’s short but lit set, Holy White Hounds set up their gear. To get to the Louisville gig, they drove straight from L.A. to Kentucky. They were exhausted and disheveled, but in high spirits. It made them loose and goofy on stage. Lead singer Brenton Dean was all over the place, bantering with the audience. He called out to Zane, who was the only kid there. This made my child’s night, since Holy White Hounds are his fave band. Zane is the reason I reviewed them for Jealous Sounds. Brenton’s vocals, despite the time zone lag, were still amazing. Lead guitarist James Manson was the energetic wildman, showing no signs of fatigue. Ambrose Lupercal and Seth Luloff were solid and driving on bass and drums.



This was the first show of their tour opening for The Struts. There wasn’t a set list, and they appeared to have more fun winging it. A big surprise to me was that they played their big hit “Switchblade” way early in the set, the second song. There was a few meetings before each song to figure out song order, but it didn’t slow down momentum. Overall, they put on a solid set, and made their youngest fan super happy in the bargain.



One thought on “Concert Review Part 2 Holy White Hounds.”

  1. Aw www! Zane is Adorable. Awesome mom is awesome. I wonder if Lupercal is a birth na me or if that member is a fan of warhammer 40k. Wicked name.


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