Concert Review Part 1 Cemetery Sun


My hatchling boy Zane pestered the Hell out of me to take him to some of the indie concerts I attend. Problem: He’s eight years old, and most indie shows are in bars. Good luck struck when we got info that The Struts, Holy White Hounds, and Cemetery Sun were playing an all ages gig in Louisville. Tickets purchased, we went. We stood in line and froze our asses off. My child then proceeded to charm a bartender out of free soda refills and an autographed pic of The Struts from another female concert goer. He’s a natural player, that one.



We got right against the barricade up front, and Cemetery Sun hit the stage. This is a young California pop/grunge five man unit that were exceptionally good. The 40 minute set was raucous, fun, and disorganized. The lead singer had a good rapport with the audience. Josh Doty [singer], Austen Butler [drummer], Elliot Polokoff [guitarist, producer], Jesse Mancillas [lead guitar] and Matt Scarpelli [bassist] are all skilled musicians. I was pleasantly surprised, and hope to hear more out of them soon.

For a bit of background, Cemetery Sun formed in Sacramento, CA in 2013. They just released their first self titled four song EP in 2016, on Lava Records. Currently they’re still touring with The Struts and Holy White Hounds.



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