Steve Fletcher “Songs From Island Avenue”


I find it amazingly fine luck when good music falls into my lap. Normally I don’t review Folk/ Americana on Jealous Sounds. Events transpired to change my mind. Steve Fletcher tweeted me directly tonight asking me to take a listen to his new solo album. It’s the first time an artist did that. Intrigued, I waded in and I’m overjoyed that I did. It’s not that I don’t like the genre, in fact I’ve loved it for years. The purpose to this blog is to give a shout out for any new, gifted musician. Hey, kizmet and a take charge attitude work. I present to you Steve Fletcher.

Steve found himself with the opportunity to to tackle a solo project this year after a former band took a break. In the finest tradition of the garage, he wrote and recorded “Songs From Island Avenue” in a makeshift studio in Seaside Park, NJ in May 2016. This album is just Steve, his guitar, and a enormous gift for songwriting. These songs could fit like hand in glove in the Lexicon of American Music. From ‘She Stands’ and ‘Hold Me Close’, to ‘Don’t Go To Ohio’ you can hear Steve’s songwriting standing shoulder to shoulder with John Prine , James Taylor, and Jimmy Buffett. These songs have the immediacy and intimacy of a friend playing their guitar on the beach or front porch. The music is just Steve’s voice and his guitar, but there’s nothing basic about the musicianship.

Yes, Steve Fletcher is a vast departure from what I usually review. I am however, incredibly grateful for his tweet tonight to remind me all quality music deserves praise. “Songs From Island Avenue”is available on all streaming services, and Bandcamp. He’s currently touring the East Coast.



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