Highly Suspect #1 Rock Album…Now What?

Highly Suspect achieved a #1 song ‘My Name Is Human’ from a now #1 album “The Boy Who Died Wolf” on the Billboard Rock chart this week. Not even Johnny believed it.


Did #MCID (their legion of hardcore fans, including me), believe it? Yep. Here’s why.

At the Louisville show in September, I was beside a couple on the balcony who drove six hours from Missouri to be there. It didn’t matter that they had tickets to the St. Louis show later in the Fall. Headliners was a small club, and about 3/4 full. The guy explained that he had missed the chance to see Nirvana at a small club in 1990 before they hit it huge. His theory was that Highly Suspect was getting ready to launch in a mammoth way, and he wanted to see them in a small venue one last time.

He was a prophet. The Cincinnati show I attended in mid November, two days before the album released, was sold out. Now, we have a double #1. The summer festivals, like Rock On The Range, are releasing band lists and Highly Suspect aren’t on them. I’m expecting an announcement of a hella gargantuan tour this summer in way bigger venues. So, the days of seeing Highly Suspect and being close enough to see this is done.


As a hardcore #MCID, I am thrilled beyond words that Johnny, Ryan and Rich have hit the stratosphere. They have ground hard the past three years to reach this. They deserve it. Yet, I’ll always be wistful for the shows where Johnny is close enough to recognize you and smile at you like you’re a weirdo (I am).


One thought on “Highly Suspect #1 Rock Album…Now What?”

  1. I’m a weirdo to! I want and know they’ll be big but I so enjoy those small venues and the sound when you see a show in a smaller venue! Here’s to many more #1’s!


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