Diet Cig


I love punk music on the holidays. The music matches the chaos of the Season. Take this review: it’s been a month in the making because of life and festivities getting in the way. So Diet Cig being the band this week is PERFECT. This is punk at its best. So I present to you Diet Cig.

First the facts: Diet Cig formed in New Paltz, New York in 2014. The band admits in interviews that Alex Luciano (guitar) played no instruments whatsoever when she and and Noah Bowman (drums) formed Diet Cig. Their first EP, Over Easy, debuted February 2015. Following quit buzz with the first EP and tour, Diet Cig released a seven-inch EP, Sleep Talk / Dinner Date, in September 3015 with Fatherdaughter Records.

Diet Cig is at once charming and somber equally. The lyrics for songs like “Breathless” and “Harvard” speak of innocent things like dating, cereal, and placing pillows on beds. Then, listen closer to songs like “Pool Boys” and “Cardboard” and you can hear the angst of not belonging and dark romance. Finally, “Sleep Talk” is, to me, the best example of Alex’s songwriting. It’s like a young friend telling you about her life. Alex’s voice is girlish, sweet, and captivating. Alex’s guitar playing is simple by her own admission, but grounded with Noah’s more polished drumming. Together their sound has an immediacy The White Stripes couldn’t touch in their heyday.

Diet Cig is currently on tour across the U.S. in smaller venues. Their EP’s can be found on all streaming and online music outlets.



2 thoughts on “Diet Cig”

  1. I’m so glad I got a chance to read through your blog! SUCCESS you’re fine taste in music and reviews has lead me to another obsession! Diet Cig is a pleasant surprise for tonight’s findings! Scene Sick has the best energy and so far my fave! 👌🏼 Many thank yous!


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