It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Highly Suspect. Not since The White Stripes in 2002 has a band blown my skirt up this much. Their music and talent speaks to me in a way I truly can’t explain. But this isn’t about Highly Suspect: it’s about their fans.

If you go to any profile on social media and see #MCID, this is the mark of a Highly Suspect fan. ‘My Crew Is Dope’ isn’t just a trite, cute saying, its a philosophy that binds people. On Twitter, I’ve met MCID from all over the U.S. and the world. I’ve bonded with fans from as far away (Sammy, Carrie, and Ruthie) as New Zealand. I speak daily with dozens of fans in the states, including Angela.

Among the MCID I have befriended, it’s no secret I’m not made of money as I’m trying to build my blogs. Me seeing Highly Suspect in Louisville took a Herculean effort I’m still paying for (situationally). I really wanted to, but wasn’t expecting, to see them in Cincinnati. Angela offered to buy a ticket for me last night, but I couldn’t let her do that; pride, and all. Then tonight, in a typical flight of whimsy, Johnny Stevens decides to give 2 tickets to whomever guessed his cologne, which Angela did. Then, she gave the tickets to me. I’m shocked and stunned, but not surprised.

There is an old saying about when you find your tribe, you feel at home anywhere they are. A hellova tribe has built up around Highly Suspect under the banner of MCID, a worldwide tribe. To Angela, I can’t thank you enough, except this way. To Highly Suspect, your Crew is truly Dope. Thanks everyone.


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