Slothrust “Everyone Else”


“These songs are about bodies of water, dreams, isolation, and the                          absurdity of the human experience,”                                                           -Leah Wellbaum-

Jealous Sounds’ very first band, Slothrust, finally, FINALLY gives us a new album of music! “Everyone Else” is their first album with new label Dangerbird Records, and it was more that worth the wait. Before it’s released, let me share some thoughts

Since 2014’s “Of Course You Do”, Slothrust congealed into a poised, self assured band. The humor and garage like feel is still there, it’s just matured. The weeks and months of touring and playing together has knit the trio into a way more cohesive unit than earlier in their career. Bass, drums, and guitar sound and feel more integrated. The nonchalance of the older music doesn’t work here, and that’s a good thing. Leah Wellbaum’s voice has never sounded so soulful, or beautiful. Drummer Will Gorin and bassist Kyle Bann still shred, but in a much more relaxed and fluid way.

The three singles, ‘Horseshoe Crab’, ‘Like A Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone’, and ‘Rotten Pumpkin’ open up a more approachable, commercial sound for them. It’s like up to this point, their music was theirs alone, and now they’re ready to share their goodness with the rest of us. Though all three songs are diametrically different from the others, it’s easy to understand now why they were the first singles. It’s a welcome hug from the band to us listeners. On ‘Mud’ and ‘Pseudo Culture’, Leah’s vocals are amazingly deep and rich, lovely enough to compete with the intensity and darkness of the music.

Slothrust also busts open their Pandora’s box of widely varying influences on “Everyone Else”. From ‘Pig Pen’ and it’s almost rockabilly style, to ‘Surf Goth’ and it’s grunge jazz, Slothrust isn’t shy about what styles shaped them. Then with ‘Trial & Error’, the band slams right back into punk, fearlessly. There’s no shortage of humor either. ‘ The Last Time I Saw My Horse’ and ‘Sleep Eater’ speak of lost time and Ambien walking with a wry wit only Slothrust can deliver.

The official release date is October 28, 2016 on all streaming and online music outlets. Slothrust is currently on tour with Highly Suspect.



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