Devil In The Details



Metal, metalcore, pop, punk pop, post-hardcore, progressive, progressive metal…These tags are confusing, for the fact that most of these genres are intertwined together. Throw them at the average music fan and they would look at you confused and sad. Other than to tags for social media searches, these mean nothing to a band that transcends them and bends them to their will. I present to you Devil In The Details.

First the facts: Devil In The Details formed in Omaha, Nebraska in 2013. The lineup includes: Sean Sorensen (vocals), Cody Pedersen (bass, vocals), Matt Lund (drums, vocals), Aaron Koenig (guitar), Cassidy Riege (guitar). After less than a year together, the band released their first EP ‘Black and White in September 2014. In the short time since forming, they have toured all over the Midwest.

In their purest form, Devil In The Details are a no-nonsense, metalcore (tags again!) band. Matt and Corey’s drums and bass are almost industrial in their crispness in “Passionless” and “Take Me to the Grave”. Aaron and Cassidy’s guitars stay on the brutal straight and narrow for the song ” Glass Ghost”. What I consider the element that sets these guys apart is the vocals. There  are the prerequisite growling of typical metalcore, but there’s also an additional melodious factor to them. The rough and the smooth vocals play off each other so that it takes the ear by surprise. This is best displayed in their latest release “Liquid Courage”, what I consider their most listenable track.

I look forward to what Devil In The Details has in store for us in the future. All their music can be found on all the streaming and online music outlets. They are getting ready to hit the road with Victory Heights in November.



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