California bands have a unique sound. There, I said it. Who knows why, probably because of multiple cultures coming together in one place, laid back attitude, relaxed pot rules, etc. Trying to put a Cali band in one genre (Mojave Lords, for example) usually results in chaos. This time, and incredibly eclectic band out of Orange Co. caught my eye. I present to you, FifthLaw.

FifthLaw is comprised of: Chris Dyer (Songwriter, Guitarist), Court Arcane (Lead Vocalist/Songwriter), Bonnie (Bon) Corral (Cello, keyboard, uke) Chad Kneubuhl (Drums), Erick McDougall, (Bass) as of this post. I’ll let the band explain the particulars, “The band originally was started with Chris, Erick, Chad, Lyndsie Scoogin, and Matt Wedgeworth. They were all on the ‘Beauty’ EP. Matt and Lyndsie left the band to pursue their passion in performance art. In their place Court and Bonnie joined the band in early 2016. So their voices and playing are not yet recorded.”

‘The Beauty’ EP is just about self titled. This gorgeous four song work sparkles. The band’s diverse background is evident. “I Got Problems” is a bouncy, airy indie song. Then you flip into “Sometimes”, which is solidly punk, but the vocals pleasantly soften it. “Midnight” has a throbbing bass line with a hard rock/arena vibe with a nice piano finish. “Surrender Me” has a driving drum sound throughout, but is a mellow love song.

The delightful way the various styles knit together speaks of the eclectic backgrounds of it’s members. The band comes from classical, indie, and punk influences. The lilting vocals have a slight Natalie Merchant flavor but with vastly better range. With the shared vocals, the three singers add a dynamic missing from many alt/indie bands. Chad Kneubuhl and Erick McDougall’s bass and drum licks pay a game of tag with each other. Chris, playing double duty on guitar, keeps simple and clean, but never boring. The sounds that combine make both ‘ The Beauty’ and FifthLaw, a treat for any listener.

All of FifthLaw’s music can be found on all streaming and online music outlets. And from the band, “The band will record its second EP “Attraction” next weekend. It is expected to drop in November.”

All the info you need for the band, here.


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