On September 15, I was lucky enough to finally see Highly Suspect in concert (after 2 other tries). The boys have a reputation for having decent opening acts, so I was pretty pumped to see who came on stage. To my surprise, here came two little girls (to me) and a guy to the stage. They then proceeded to melt my brain with punk so crispy my ears throbbed. I was sold. This week’s band is Leggy.

First, the facts. Leggy was formed in Cincinnati, OH. They are comprised of Véronique Allaer (guitar/ vox), Kerstin Bladh (bass) and Christopher Campbell (drums). I’ll let Véronique tell you the rest. “We have all been really good friends since we were about 14. After college, we moved into a house together in Cincinnati and started planning on being in a band together. We had our first show in February 2014. Kerstin and I were in a band in high school which [she] played drums in and I sang/ played guitar, but when we started playing with Chris, he is such a crazy good intense drummer that it was decided he should play drums and she would switch to bass.”

Their self titled first album, Leggy, is made up of songs from their three previous EPs:  Cavity Castle (2014), Nice Try (2015) and Dang (2016), plus the song ‘ Kick The Habit’. Leggy’s music is called by many “Pop Punk”, which is punk riffs, speedy and brutal rhythms, with pop melodies and lyrics. But, if you call this punk for girls, you’d be dead wrong. Leggy smashes through songs like ‘Bruises’, ‘July’, and ‘Waisted’ with lethal efficiency. Even the song dedicated to Lana Del Rey, ‘Even Lana’ has a full on punk attack. The band marries the power and melody together well. Though molten, the songs don’t lose their listenablity.

Véronique’s vocals sets themselves apart from the music with a punk carelessness, but are still enjoyable. Kerstin’s bass bounces around the songs in unexpected directions, while Chris’ drums are pure punk power. Leggy’s music is in equal parts kick ass and delightful. Currently, Leggy just finished their opening gigs with Highly Suspect, and are still touring the country hitting smaller venues. LEGGY can be purchased primarily through Bandcamp, and on all other streaming and online music sellers.





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