The Hunna

This post has kicked me in the teeth. The Hunna can’t be merely pinned down to one angle. They are at once fresh and familiar, rocking out one minute and soothing the nerves the next. They came upon the music scene hard and fast, seemingly from nowhere on nothing but sheer talent. They just released their first album 10 to overwhelming critical acclaim. I will admit, this band has blown my skirt up more than any band so far on this blog.

First, the facts, The Hunna formed in 2013 in Hertfordshire, England. The band’s lineup is Ryan Potter (Singer/guitarist), Dan Dorney (lead guitarist), Jermaine Angin (bassist), and Jack Metcalf (drummer). They teamed up with producer Tim Larcombe to record “Bonfires” and “She’s Casual” in October 2015. A tour with the band Coasts also in 2015 preceded the recording of 10. They recently played the Reading and Leeds Festival.

10 tells the twin stories of getting to the top as a band, as well as all the happiness and bullshit that goes with love. “You and Me”, “Causal”, and “Alive” are all songs about some side of love, but they are far from sappy. Then you have “Waiting”, that slides to the dark side of love and addiction. “We Could Be” and “World Is Ours” examine the band’s rise, good and bad. There isn’t a bad song on this album, with my favorite being ” Bad For You”, that pulls you up by the hair.

In Dan Dorneys guitar you can hear a smattering of Smashing Pumpkins, but the delivery is so fresh. Ryan Potter’s vocals are like honey on the ears, but they in no way collapse under the hard driving melody; in fact it lifts it. Bassist Jermaine Angin and drummer Jack Metcalfe’s rhythms can hop from pounding to ska, but still is a beautiful part of the whole. As a band they are so pulled together and complete it is impossible to tell they’ve only been playing for three years.

Currently, The Hunna are touring Great Britain, with U.S. tour dates starting in October out West. 10 can be found on all the major streaming and online music outlets.





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