Alas, summer in America is regrettably almost done. Labor Day’s arrival is imminent, and the last days of barbecues and beaches are here. None dread the arrival of Fall more than I, but I’ve found a band that can bridge the gloom, SunGhosts.
First, the facts: I’ll let Louie, the drummer, tell the tale, “We started in 2013 as a three piece in Miami with our current guitarist Crocodile on drums, he switched to guitar and recruited Luison (speaking) [on] the drums in 2014 and that’s the real SunGhosts right there.” The current line-up is Nik Olas (lead singer and songwriter), Arimino “Crocodile
Deathspin” Rivero (lead guitar), Jared Steingold (bass), and the aforementioned Louie Estopinian (drums). They’ve toured extensively in the region, winning several South Florida area fan’s choice awards and battle of the bands.

Their first album, the self titled SunGhosts, is brand spanking new. Released on Aug. 23, 2016, the album is full of ska and punk influences with sheer south Florida party verve from the very first cut. Nick Olas’ lyrics, as does his vocals, have a certain cheekiness, never taking themselves too seriously. Crocodile’s guitar both shreds and rings like a bell. Louie and Jared’s rhythm section drives the music with fun and mischief.

There is a definite division between the older material from the previous EP and new material. “Sunnyside Uppercut” to “Till the City Goes Under” reminds me of early Offspring. Their sound is hopeful and young and speaks of parties and summers that will never end. “BB Gun” has a 50’s-60’s California beach band vibe that’s sweetness and fun. “My Shining Phantom” is the flipside love song of “BB Gun“, more modern and lyrically darker. Even though there is a slight stylistic change between old and new music, all the songs mold together into a consistent whole.

Currently, SunGhosts are on a national tour. The album SunGhosts can be found on all major online music stores and streaming sites.


All tour and band social media links can be found here.



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