Sasha Dobson-Into The Trees

During the past few months of working on this blog, I’ve had the privilege to become friendly with two enormously talented people, Sasha Dobson and Joel Hamilton. Both their musical styles range all over, from Jazz to Rock, Folk to Latin. The musicians they played with, write for, or produce are too numerous to mention. She has a band called Puss n Boots with Nora Jones; he’s been nominated and won Grammys. Both also play together and tour with other bands. Joel spoke of opening for Willie Nelson as being especially memorable.

In 2014, Sasha and Joel decided to record an EP of cover songs together, In The Trees, accompanied by a stellar set of musicians: Kenny Wollesen (drums), Jon Evans (bass), Mikael Jorgensen (keyboards), Mauro Refosco (percussion), and the Parkington Sisters (strings). The song selections are eclectic, from “The Fix Is In” by Elliot Smith, to the folk mainstay “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair”.

Sasha’s range knows no bounds, from the punkish Blondie flavored “A Forest”, to the cool jazz croon of “A Thousand Years”. Her voice both soothes and stirs up at the same pace.

Joel’s production values weave through the EP, echoing and innovative through “Big Louise” and “No One Else”. He is known for his use of experimental sounds and mixes. I would go so far as calling him a Foley Artist, creating his own instruments and inventing new sounds from objects around him.

This year Sasha intends to release a videographic, visual representation of In The Trees. All of Sasha Dobson’s music can be purchased on all the online music and streaming sites. She also is on Patreon. Joel Hamilton’s latest production, the yet unnamed new Highly Suspect album, is rumored to be due out in mid September. His last outing with the band garnered him a Grammy nod, and this new project should be even more amazing.


Sasha Dobson

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