Mojave Lords

Imagine driving through the dusty desert of California. The air is parched, so you seek out the next watering hole off the road. A dive bar appears. You stroll in, and to your right are bikers at the bar, to your left are locals. The most likely band onstage in this scenario is Mojave Lords.

Now before I can tell you about Mojave Lords, a few words need said about the music culture from which they hatched. Desert Rock is a genre that sprouted up around the Joshua Tree, CA area at Rancho de la Luna recording studio. Desert Rock is in many ways several types of rock mashed together. You are as likely to hear as much metalcore and grunge as you will blues and jam band. Desert Rock can meander or be straight up rock songs, depending on the mood of the band. The musicians who hang out at Rancho de la Luna usually collaborate on each other’s albums, and form the core bands in Desert Rock: Queens Of The Stone Age, The Desert Sessions, Masters Of Reality, Eagles of Death Metal, and Kyuss.


Two of these musicians, David Catching (Guitars, Bass, Synth) and Kevin “Bingo” Richey (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth) decided to join forces and form Mojave Lords. In 2014, with help from other players at Rancho de la Luna ( including members of Eagles Of Death Metal, Queens Of The Stone Age, Screaming Trees, Tuatara, and Masters Of Reality) they recorded and released Unfuckwithable. Rounding out the band are Brian O’Connor (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Backing Vocals), Barrett Martin (Drums), Joey Castillo (Drums), Danny Frankel (Drums), Chris Goss (Backing Vocals, Masters of Reality),Sven Altmetz (Backing Vocals).

The title of the album, Unfuckwithable, works perfectly. This is no nonsense Desert Rock at its finest: muddy mixes and repetitious but driving drums. The melodies can wander and be spacey, or pound out. One can get lost in the songs, as they organically form and unform as the band wishes. Unfuckwithable is at once both dreamy and kick ass in the finest tradition of Desert Rock. This music is as much at home in a blues bar as it is at a bonfire party in the desert.

At this time, there are no scheduled tour dates available, unless you are lucky enough to catch them at a local club around the Joshua Tree area.

The website:




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