Bakers Eddy


Something needs said right from the beginning: New Zealand has a deeply devoted, loyal rock scene. This country might seem an itty bitty fantasy land to us Americans, but what they lack in square miles they make up for in sheer passion for their music. Because of my Highly Suspect fan-girling, I’ve made friends with several like minded fans in NZ. A few nights ago on Twitter, I asked, ” Give me a Kiwi band that needs some love here in the U.S.” The overwhelming answer lobbed at me was Bakers Eddy. Their fans are legion in New Zealand, and after talking to them, I found out why. Bakers Eddy are in equal measures hungry and humble, talented but willing to learn more, and altogether awesome. So audience, I give you Bakers Eddy.

First the facts: Bakers Eddy formed in 2009 as a three piece while they were still in high school in Wellington, New Zealand. They became a four piece in 2011. The band’s made up of Ciarann Babbington (guitar/vocals), Jamie Gordon (drums/backing vocals), and twins Ian and Alex Spagnolo (bass/backing vocals, guitar/backing vocals). From 2013-2015, they either won or placed in the top three of regional Battle of the Band competitions. As part of winning the 2015 Battle of the Bands, they toured Europe with a travel company Stoke Travel. It was called Stoke Travels Rolling Circus. They continue to tour New Zealand regularly, even opening for Highly Suspect on their tour there in 2016.

Bakers Eddy have a sparse supply of recorded music available. They started with the EP/single Something Outside and the EP Plastic Wasteland, both in 2015. The singles included the previously mentioned “Something Outside”, the title track “Plastic Wasteland”, and “Hyper Excessive Consumption”. Their most recent release was in May, 2016 with another EP/single Wallbreaker. A new release is in the works, but it is unclear if it will be an EP or full album.

Bakers Eddy might be young, but they hold an enormous amount of potential. Their songs focus on subjects from love to the vices of the modern world. The guitars are subtle, but powerful. Driving drums and bass hooks grab you from the beginning. Smooth but commanding vocals and inventive arrangements capture your ear and hold it. The band is well balanced; no band member overshadows the other. These guys are amazingly pulled together for such a young, new band.

I’m truly excited to see what Bakers Eddy are capable of, and what they deliver to us in the future. They need to find their way to our shores, and soon. Bakers Eddy’s music can be found on all the usual online music outlets, as well as Band Camp.

All tour dates and social media connections are found here.


Band Camp:


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