Holy White Hounds


There’s something you have to love about a classic garage band hitting the big time. They get that first hit from the first album, then it’s off to the races. You also have to love a band’s band. Gabe Gambino and Throw The Temple just opened for these guys, and couldn’t say enough good things about them. Some bands just seem to be able to hold onto the not too distant memories of the beginning. Thus, I present to you Holy White Hounds.

First, the facts: Holy White Hound’s core formed in 2005 in Des Moines, IA from the childhood friendship of Brenton Dean (vocals, guitar) and Ambrose Lupercal (bass). Later, they added James Manson (guitar) and
Seth Luloff (drums). The band in its currently formed state, self-released the Oh Mama EP in 2013. On this early success they toured nationally, and released their first full album Sparkle Sparkle with Razor and Tie Records on May 6th, 2016. For the first time, I’m reviewing a band with a hit single, “Switchblade”, which is tearing up the rock charts.

Sparkle Sparkle has a lovely, 90’s grunge-garage band feel, but is concurrently completely original. “Switchblade” leads it off with a wicked bass groove. In songs from “Gaver Water” to “Ghost Arm”, from “In Your Skin” to “Laser Beam” Brenton Dean’s vocals almost purr. In tracks from “Crowds” to ” Black Lust”, Ambrose’s bass and Seth’s rhythms go from explosive to throbbing. James Mason’s guitar winds around each song seamlessly. Together, they are down and dirty rock with a funny irreverent twist.

Holy White Hounds are criss-crossing the U.S. on tour, including both Riot Fests in September.

This is a comprehensive site with tour dates and links to an extensive social media presence.

Razor and Tie- their record company



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