Rusty Shipp


When I lived in Key West, this following scenario often played out. You’re on the beach. The bonfire’s lit, the coolers are full, and the party favors are rolled and ready. What music do you play? If you mentally picture the term “Nautical Rock n roll”, images of everyone from Jimmy Buffett to The Beach Boys might pop up. A head-banging beach band might not be what you expect, but this is exactly what Rusty Shipp offers up.

First the facts: The guys came from all parts of the country to Nashville, found each other (Russ found Andrew on Craig’s list), and formed Rusty Shipp in 2014. The band consists of Russ T. Shipp (honestly his real name!) on lead guitar/ vocals, Andrew Royer on drums, and Dustin Herres on bass. The band has an eclectic range of influences, from 60’s-90’s rock, Hardcore Metal to surf rock. Their first EP, Hold Fast To Hope, was released in 2014 on Valinor Records. In 2016 they released the single-song, self-titled Sinking Scarabs, also on Valinor.

Rusty Shipp is a fascinating mix of driving metal and surf/beach music. It’s a hoot to listen to their lyrics. They sort of sound like Captain Hook fronting Metallica, or Jimmy Buffett writing songs for Motorhead. Hold Fast To Hope meanders through all the genres these guys love so well. The song “Wrath to Rote” has an instrumental intro with the band just jamming out at their metal best. Russ vocals are fun and almost wild. Andrew and Dustin shreds the rhythm apart. In “Hackberry Tree” the 90s influence Foo Fighter sound runs rampant. “Let Go”, my personal favorite, has huge bass riffs that rip into almost speed metal territory. “F-Words (You Don’t Mind)”- Slower, beautiful guitar that flips into faster pacing in spots. “Davy Jones Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Me” is Rusty Shipp’s own unique sea shanty.

The guys in Rusty Shipp projects a true love of the stage and music they produce there. The rest of the summer, Rusty Shipp will be touring close to home throughout Tennessee. The band did let me know that there are plans for a regional tour and new record in the Fall.
Hold Fast To Hope and Sinking Scarabs both can be purchased on all the usual online music outlets and streaming sites.

The main website with all the links to their social media, tour dates, etc.


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