Highway 4


Music is so subjective, sometimes two people may hear two different genres in the same song or band, depending on your age and region of origin. Highway 4 walks this complex line with their own brand of music. I asked several of my friends to take a listen, and many hear 70’s era riff rock influences in their style. However, several of my friends and I hear Southern Rock. After asking, the band themselves identify their sound as Riff Rock with no Southern influences. I think this is their strength, their ability to slide through the best of 70’s guitar rock, Arena through Southern, for an original whole.

The band info is this : Highway 4 was formed in 2010 in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally a four piece, the band now consists of Kelly Brown (Vocals), Mike Angert (Guitar), and Tylar Parker (Bass). Their first full album was Up in Arms (2014), and the freshly released (crowd funded) four song EP Matter of Time (2016). They’ve spent the last few years touring relentlessly, and winning several local Pittsburg band competitions. They are currently planning a tour to support the new EP.


Kelly’s vocals are smoky, bluesy, powerful, almost bombastic. The rhythms are super smooth as they drive the music. Mike’s guitar mixes both hard rock power solos with a distinctive twang. There are four songs on Matter of Time. The first, “Good”, happens to be my favorite on the EP. It’s slower, crunchy, with a Molly Hatchet vibe. The second, “Make Up Your Mind“, is a slower, hard driving love song. Thirdly, “Tonight” is the fastest tempo song, and what I consider the most mainstream of arena rock. Lastly, “Great Game” is a rough, rollicking song. Kelly’s vocals on this cut, to me, are reminiscent of Rossington Collins Band lead singer Dale Krantz. The entire EP is a great time.

Hopefully, Highway 4 will be out on the road soon, and new fans will be able to enjoy their music first hand. They are on all social media platforms, and their music can be purchased at all online retailers.

Their website is super slick, with all the links for their social media.



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