Throw the Temple


From left: Matt Garcia, Kent Sidlow, Gabe Gambino, Kody Audette

Twitter is a fun realm for music. Bands can reach out to the public wholesale, getting their music out to the masses. I’ve been in touch with hundreds of bands this way, but I got a fun message from Gabe Gambino of Throw the Temple. He thanked me for the Twitter follow, and wrote that if I needed anything, just let him know. That kind of friendly attitude towards fans deserves a reward. Unfortunately, this review will have to do.

The facts: Throw the Temple was formed in 2011, after lead singer Gabe Gambino finished a stint as a paratrooper with Army Special Forces. I asked Gabe if it was fun jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, “There are NO good airplanes!” After forming up with Matt Garcia on lead guitar, Kent Sidlow on drums, and Kody Audette on bass, Throw The Temple aggressively hit the Albuquerque, NM music scene. After extensive touring, including a spot in the Albuquerque Vans Warped tour stop in 2014, they crowd funded their first album No Way But Down in 2015. They are hugely popular in the Southwest music scene, winning several local music awards.

Throw The Temple’s current and only album No Way But Down, sounds like it cost ten times the amount they Kickstarted it for. The near constant touring has forged a band that seamlessly feeds off each other’s skills and energy, and the album showcases it. Gabe’s vocals are satin smooth, a departure from most Alt. Rock frontman, who tend to be shrieky or bluesy. Matt Garcia’s guitar work blisters throughout the album, especially on “There’s A Way”. Kody Audette and Kent Sidlow’s rhythm section is rock solid, especially apparent from the infectious bass line on “We Got It Going”. The song “Princess” is a personal fave, roaring through a fiendishly funny description of an uppity woman that ends with Gabe pausing at the end to simply spat BITCH. I had to ask Gabe where the idea for this came from.
” So the concept of that song came from our guitar player, who attended an open mic event, and there is a girl that sang a song that she wrote about how disappointed she was that nobody treated her like a princess when she was trying to date. So I wrote the lyrics kind of in response to that. I was trying to post the point that maybe you’re not a princess after all. Plus, at the same time I wrote it in frustration due to a recent divorce at the time and trying to get to know girls and being jaded by the whole bar scene. But, the phrase bitch at the end of the song is really supposed to invoke the thought from somebody about somebody they thought was a bitch, man or woman or child even. Mostly, in the studio I’ve been doing Jesse Pickman impression and thought it be funny to throw that in at the end of the song.”

Throw the Temple currently are touring the hell out of the Southwest, including a spot at Team America Fest 2016 on July 3rd in Albuquerque, NM. These guys are all over social media. You can get a hold of No Way But Down at all the online music stores and streaming sites. Seriously, these guys are dope, and deserve way more love.

This site is the holy grail of all things TtT, including tour dates and links to all their social media accounts.
videos galore here.


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